The Bible illuminates the mind with truth from God

Thus, The Family Prayer Bible includes select stories from the Bible for the whole family to read together...though it can still be read  and studied alone.

Supplement Edition

The Family Prayer Bible

Three years ago I released the successful selling The Prayer Bible in local churches around the country.  People constantly asked, “Do you have a prayer Bible for children?” I immediately began writing the Bible into stories for children.  I included “talking points” for parents to help children review the story.  Then I also included an “application to life” section; next, a “memory verse to review,” and, a “prayer” for all to offer together. 


Adult and Kids Coloring Book

Available for children and adults is the Family Prayer Bible Coloring Book. We have taken on story per week or 52 stories and created a line coloring page for the kids along with a themed adult coloring page for the parents.  Today there is a present-day fascination with coloring books for adults.  So there are coloring pages for mom or dad.

Elmer L. Towns

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Along with many bonus additions to the Family Prayer bible only found on this site, there is an added bonus for the older reader. There is a footnote number added at the end of some sentences in the story. That number refers to the  549 Principles of Prayer.

549 Principles of Prayer

"I purchased this as I am a big fan of Dr. Towns. I had the book on my desk and a father friend of mine saw it, borrowed it and the next day they ordered their own copy. We read the story for the day and the kids could not wait to answer questions and dig in. I believe that says enough about it's potential for young families and grandparents."

By Roger M. House on May 30, 2016


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